FLEX HT Hochtemperatur-Wärmepumpe (54-154kW)

FLEX HT Hochtemperatur-Wärmepumpe (54-154kW)




• Scroll compressor with innovative vapor injection system, optimized for high temperature heating
• Inverter driven axial fans (CXB HT) – optional for FLEX HP HT
• Brazed plate heat exchanger with pressure differential switch and antifreeze protection electric heater
• Condenser coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins

• Electronic expansion valve
• Microprocessor-based iPRO controller to manage unit on/off mode, operating mode settings and more
• Communication card RS485
• Dedicated accessories for very low air temperature operation (snow free cover, electric heater on condenser coil, etc..)




• Low noise configurations
• Oversized water pump for operation with >25% glycol
• Automatic circuit breakers for compressors and/or fans
• Low ambient air temperature kit for heating operation with air temperatures between -10°C and -20°C
• Control panel electric heater with thermostat
• Over/under voltage + phase failure protection relay
• External heat source management for space heating and hot sanitary water
• Soft starter
• Electrical power supply without neutral
• Serial card with BACnet Protocol MS/TP or TCP/IP
• Gateway Modbus LonTalk™
• Auxiliary electric heater for water tank
• Special treatments on condenser coils




• Unique compressor technology for heat pumps applied in low ambient air conditions.
• Cooling provided by inter-stage injection allows the operation of the compressor over a larger envelope compared to a conventional single-stage scroll compressor, providing higher heat delivery temperatures at low evaporating temperatures.
• More heat delivered with a higher COP compared to a conventional cycle.


FLEX umschaltbare Wärmepumpe


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