FLEX umschaltbare Wärmepumpe (49-129kW)

Trane Flex 2 Series




• Tandem scroll compressors for high part load efficiency
• Condensing and evaporating pressure control with fan speed modulation
• Microchannel condenser coil with very low refrigerant charge (chillers only)
• Waterside plate heat exchanger with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater
• Electronic expansion valve
• Casing and panels in painted galvanized steel


Factory mounded options


• Partial or total heat recovery (chillers only)
• Low noise or super low noise
• EC fans
• High static pressure EC fans, up to 100 Pa
• Hydraulic connection kits
• Pump sets with different pressures and available with variable speed drive
• Power factor correction
• Low ambient temperature kit in cooling mode (down to -10°C)
• Low ambient temperature kit in heat pump mode (down to -15°C)
• E-coated anti-corrosion condensing coils on chiller version
• Hydraulic module anti-freeze protection down to -20°C ambient air temperature




• Serial card with BACnet protocol MS/TP or TCP/IP
• Gateway Modbus Lontalk
• Remote control display
• Signal amplification card
• Flow switch
• Automatic water filling
• Water strainer
• Water gauges
• Rubber or spring anti-vibration mounts
• 3-way valve for hot sanitary water including controls and power supply (heat pumps only)




• Microprocessor-controller to manage on/off mode, operating mode, parameters setting, and error code display
• Modbus communication card RS485
• FlexMaster controller (optional)
• Connect up to 6 Flex of equal or different capacities to one single master controller
• Easy connection and specifically designed for modular capacity expansion of the chiller and/or heat pump plant
• Controls the main functions, operating modes of the units, and hydraulic kit of external water pumps or water pumps integrated in each unit
• Allows for continuous operation: in case of maintenance on one Flex unit, all other units keep on running


FLEX umschaltbare Wärmepumpe


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